15 Boaters Safety Course Things to know before taking the Exam

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Boaters Safety Course Preparation

If you are looking to drive a boat, and the State is requiring a Boaters Safety Course such as Florida, and many others, than you are in the right place! 

While many of these tips will be helpful as part of your preparation for taking the online exam, keep in mind that the full depth of knowledge that is included in the course cost. Yes there is a small cost, but its worth the ease an convenience to be able to take it right from your phone, or anywhere you choose.

Also, allow yourself 15-60 minutes to take the course. While you are allowed to jump right to the exam and skip the coursework, and while you get unlimited fails, its still better to save some time to read through this post and the the course material so you can pass it quickly.


The boaters safety course will educate you on safety guidelines you have to keep to make your outing a success. It reduces your exposure to danger. There are laws regarding taking the course because it is essential for protecting lives and properties when boating.

Without taking the course certificate, you won’t be able to drive a watercraft if you were born after January 1st, 1988. However, if you are born before this date, you are exempt, lucky you!

So whether you are looking at boat rentals, jet ski rentals, or any other watercraft powered by a motor, you’ll want to take a look into this article that contains essential information you need about the boaters safety course. 

What you will learn on a boaters safety course

You might think that you know all you need to know when it comes to boating. Perhaps you have been in the water for some years and you are used to the boat and the waters. Well, you cannot be too safe when it comes to boating. A course will still help you stay safe. The boaters safety course is meant to educate you on the essential aspects of safety when boating including:

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Lifejacket usage

When it comes to boating, safety is of top priority. A lifejacket is essential for safety. It is a top priority in the boating sphere. Before you go boating, you ought to have a lifejacket on. The lifejacket must be your actual size and it must be functional. 

The use of a First Aid kit

Every boater should have a First Aid kit in the boat. This is essential because it prepares you for emergencies. The boaters safety course covers all you need to know about using everything in the First Aid kit. If you are boating with a group, at least one person in the group must know to handle any unforeseen emergency using First Aid.

Using Flares and Distress Signals

Flares and distress signals are essential in cases of emergency. The course teaches you how to use them to signal ships for help and rescue.

Fire Extinguishers

The boaters safety course will teach you how to strategically position the fire extinguishers for easy access and how to maintain them.

Electronic navigation 

In addition to the electronic navigators, a paper chart is essential. This is meant to protect and keep you on course in case the electronic navigation fails.


Communication is essential, not only in emergencies but in non-emergency situations as well. The course covers every aspect of communication when it comes to boating. You will learn to handle communication devices to avoid them getting damaged or getting into the water. 

Carbon monoxide detection

Having a carbon monoxide detector installed in your boat is essential for your safety. Breathing in carbon monoxide is detrimental and can impact your safety. The course teaches how to protect yourself in this regard as well.

Use of alcohol and drugs

As part of your boaters safety course, you will be instructed on the dangers of taking alcohol and drugs while boating. 

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How long is the boaters safety course online?

Within a few hours, say 3 to 5 hours, you can finish the entire course. It takes that short time to finish the course if you want to take it at a go. However, you are not mandated to take the course at a sitting. Since the course is online, you can take it at your own pace. This means how long it takes you to complete the boaters safety course depends on you. The point is that you can get your boaters license as fast as you want it. here is what it takes to get the boaters certificate:

Study the course online

You study the course online from the comfort of your home. Most times, there are questions structures to enable fast learning and comprehension.


Take quizzes and exams

You are required to take quizzes at the end of the chapters. Passing them qualifies you for the certificate. Here, you have to apply the knowledge you garnered from the lessons. 

Get certified with a boaters safety course

After taking the course and passing the tests, you’ll be certified! You will print your certificate and you are on your way!

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Which group of boaters is required to complete an approved boating safety course?

The process of getting a boaters license differs from one state to another. Not everyone is authorized to take the boaters safety course but the policies differ in different states.

One set of people required to complete the course are people who operate a motorboat with 10 horsepower or more. So, before you can operate a boat featuring a 10 horsepower engine or one that is greater than that, you have to present a boaters license or a certificate of course completion issued to you when you took that boaters safety course. In some states, this is also restricted by age. So, you have to check out what obtains in your location. In most states, boaters are required to take the boaters safety course once they up to 14 years of age. 

In some states, adults between the ages of 12 and 15 are allowed to have a safety certificate that authorizes them to operate a motorboat like every other older adult, without supervision. Also, adults between the ages of 15 and 17 are required to have a safety certificate before they can use a personal watercraft.

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Where can I take a boaters safety course? 

There are several platforms that you can take the boaters safety course. You take the course at a physical location where you will have a live instructor and handle the equipment. You complete the course, take the exams, and have the license. 

You can take the boaters safety course in your state. Most states provide the course at stipulated prices. For instance, you can take the boating license Florida offers by taking the course there.

You can also take the course online at affordable fees. There are government-owned boaters safety agencies in every state. In North America, you can take the course at an agency designated by the government. These agencies use resources and courses developed by BoatTest101


Aside from boaters safety course providers like BoatTest101, there are several online platforms where you can take the course and get your certificate in no time. These platforms have resources and courses that cover every essential area of boating safety. You can take the course at your own pace and get your boating license from the comfort of your home. The course comes at affordable prices. 

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This boaters safety course is essential for personal and property safety when boating. The course covers the essential areas of safety when boating. The course does not take long to complete. The time it takes you to complete the course and get certified depends on how fast you can take it.

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