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Many people dream of purchasing a yacht and exploring the sparkling blue water off a Yacht charter Miami’s. The appeal is almost obvious: a chance to chance out with friends, arrange business meetups, or just enjoy a good birthday party in luxury!

Let’s be honest: at first glance, this type of adventure may just seem like an unrealistic fantasy. Purchasing a personal yacht tends to be  a hobby restricted to rich people. But why let them have all the fun?  only but still, you can enjoy life over the blue water by chartering the yacht in beautiful Miami beach – we consider it the most suitable option. Owning a yacht may be almost impossible for an average middle-class person, but fortunately, there is another way to venture across the waves in comfort and style!

Enter: the yacht charter! Booking a yacht charter can be an affordable option that slashes the costs, not the fun. Still not convinced? Read on to find out why booking a yacht charter may help you explore Miami in a whole new way.

Cuts through the waves, not your wallet to get a Yacht Charter Miami!

Owning a yacht may not be in many of our near futures. The boat alone costs tens of thousands of dollars, and we don’t even want to think about how much a gas fill up must hurt! If you want to have a little more fun on the water, the average cost of yacht toys (like wake/ski/surf boats) can balloon that total up to around $100,000!

Oil changes, repairs, food service, decorations, permits; the list–and the bill–can go on and on. That’s quite the investment, and quite the headache for the average person. You don’t come to Miami for the to-do list, you come to have fun!

Especially for a one-time or every-once-in-a-while adventure, booking a yacht charter is the smarter way to go. You pay for the time you use it, and nothing more, meaning that you can sit back and put your feet up after your day on the water. Split the costs with multiple people, and your dream of exploring Miami’s oceans may seem much more in your reach than you could have ever hoped!

yacht charter miami knot
yacht charter miami knot

Customize your Yacht Charters

If the sheer cost of a yacht was daunting, some of the higher-end style of boats might as well be legends to some of us. Well, turns out some legends may be closer to truth than you might think! Since chartering a yacht often leads to much more palatable budget, you may find that some of the nicer models may actually be in your price range.

For the most exhilarating adventure on the water, explore the whole world of options now open to you! Plush lodging, jacuzzis, jet skis, more room for leisure or for fishing–even all of the above! Yacht charters have a huge list of features, so whether you’re looking for athletic fun or a cozy day on the water, there will be a package to match your mood.

If you have a party to plan, booking a yacht charter can even alleviate some of your logistical nightmare! The charter company makes the arrangements for the boat, the navigation, sometimes even the menu. Meanwhile, you get to celebrate with your loved ones and focus on the beauty of Miami Beach. Imagine your next birthday or engagement party within the glamour of Miami in the background, with none of the crowds!

Customizing your charter also lets you make different types of memories on different trips. Explore the different boats and features, and get the most out of your experience to make your trips all the more unforgettable!

No parking meter? No problem.

The actual cost of the boat may actually be the easy park of buying a yacht outright–the real trouble starts when you realize you have to put that thing somewhere when you’re not using it! You have to keep it safe, keep it maintained, and also make yourself at ease with the fact that your hefty investment is idle on the water for most of its lifespan. Want to travel to an island off coast? You still have to find a place to park your boat. That leads to fees, planning snags, and a significant amount of stress.

Let’s be honest–you want to keep yachts and stress separate in your life. Booking a charter helps keep these two things separate, as they should be. You worry about how you spend your time on the water–off the water, you get to move on to the next chapter in your life!

Keeping ship-shape is a breeze!

Yacht charters Miami are a weighty, and ongoing, investment. Their time in water means a lifetime of exposure to the elements, and eventually all that salt, wind, and water eventually does its worst. Eventually, that maintenance bill is just another looming shark in the water, and it strikes fast and hits hard.

Gas, repairs, parking, not to mention insurance–it all adds up quickly, and can seem never-ending. Still, that brings us to the question–why should that be your problem?

Your rental fee means that the nitty gritty of operating the yacht won’t get in the way of actually enjoying the yacht. You pay for your portion of the maintenance fees, which end up being a fraction of what those costs come out to in the boat’s lifetime. Then, when you’re done with your fun, you get to leave, bringing only the memories with you.

Your investment won’t be anchored down.

Unfortunately, boats depreciate like any other machine. Even when you love your yacht, as many boat-owners do, it’s still hard to drop that chunk of change on your prized possession and still have to see it go through the wear and tear right before your eyes. The more you use it, the more resale value you lose.

You want the most bang for your buck, and chartering a yacht helps you capture the best of the boat’s qualities, without needing to stick around and bear its mechanical and financial burdens.

Things you need to know before Yacht charter in Miami beach

charter miami yacht
charter miami yacht

Set goals for your trip ahead of time, and tailor your charter accordingly.

Planning your charter wish-list ahead of time will help you find the best package

Planning your charter wish-list ahead of time will help you find the best package, therefore ensuring that your adventure is best suited to you. A little research can do a long way. Check what types of packages are available, and what their features are. Keep in mind the number of people staying on the boat, what activities you might want to do, and what kind of accommodations you might like. bFor example, if you want to charter a yacht on Miami beach to fish, it’s good to have a sportfishing boat. Alternatively, if you want to relax then, you might want to rent a catamaran, sailboat, or any other luxury boat.

The rental company can help guide you through the options to find the most suitable boat for your adventuring needs.

Know your budget.

Knowing your budget can make or break a trip. Be as specific as you can; for example, if you are hosting a party (birthday, engagement, or any official party), don’t make a rough estimation. Always tell the yacht charter miami company about your budget expectations and your hopes for how the event should feel, and they can help you make arrangements about the vessel, the crew, and organizing your trip.

To help stay in budget, it’s better to visit off-season when the rates are lower. You can also contact the yacht charter specialist to ask about special deals and packages.

Below are a few more things to consider:

  • Identify your biggest expenditure – For the people who want to travel from outside the US, you may have to purchase the air tickets. Schedule your flights well in advance and at lower-traffic times to help you save on flight costs.
  • Second, contact the yacht charter specialist to explore their packages. Ask what features your fees cover, and what things you may need to plan before the start of your trip.

  • Estimate your expense for accommodation, food, and transportationIf you have an extended stay, you may have to stay at the hotels. Research hotel rates ahead of time, and book early. To help save on costs, booking an apartment or AirBnB can also be a good option during extended stays.
  • Your meals are another cost to consider. If your stay is extended and you book an apartment, you may need to purchase groceries. This can actually help you save on overall food costs, while at the same time exploring local in-season products.
  • Don’t forget about your transportation! Try to research online rental car services, whether through the hotels, or through ride-sharing apps.
  • During the trip, treat yourself, but spend purposefully. A daily budget can help keep you in check. Plan your spending priorities ahead of time to help make the most of your spending money.
yacht charter miami swimming
yacht charter miami swimming

Pack for utility and fun!

Booking a yacht charter miami often feels like renting a mini home, but you may still need some supplies. You should pack items that are easy to carry, like light clothes, bath suits, sunscreen, and spare jackets. You may also consider carrying some fun items like board games.

Try to avoid wearing shoes or heels that can damage the yacht or any of the tools that may damage the yacht. Remember your charges, but in a pinch, it may help to actually keep the gadgets stowed away, to keep your focus on the activities on the water.

Some other things you may want to keep on hand are:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Your favorite book
  • Cell phones and charger
  • Tooth paste and tooth brush
  • Conditioner
  • Pajamas
  • Bathing suit
  • Shorts
  • Tank top
  • Sun screen and sun glasses
  • Beach towel
  • Umbrella

Take travel health related things

Don’t forget to stay safe and healthy. Pack any prescription medications, as well as any other items–such as supplements, sunscreen, etc–that keep you healthy and energetic. Take hand sanitizer, and use a mask. It’s better to have an emergency safety kit with you.

If you are traveling outside the US, consult the CDC website for further instructions.

Yacht Charters Miami Take Aways

Your dreams of sailing on a yacht do not need to stay a fantasy any longer. Renting can not only save you a bit of money, but it can also make an unforgettable trip attainable and enjoyable for all sorts of different people, not just the super wealthy. No need to worry about maintenance, parking, or gas–you can focus on making memories with your loved ones off of Miami’s spectacular beaches.

If you are ready to make those dreams a reality, consider consulting a yacht charter specialist. A trained professional can help you find the best package at the best prices, possible with features you may have never considered possible otherwise.  You can also check out online apps and reviews to help know what to explore and avoid during your trip. 

Have you ever dreamed of sailing on a yacht? What kind of trip would be plan? Comment below and tell us about your dream trip!

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