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adults and teens celebrating on a party boat cruise

Quickly find things for teens to do near me

If you have a teenage child, you will understand the struggle of trying to entertain them. Teens are special people since they feel too old for activities children will love. At the same time, activities that might excite adults may not impress them. There might be age restrictions that will not allow them to enjoy these activities in some cases.

Some parents and guardians get the wrong idea and fix their teens to screens and games. Although this helps keep them busy, it might not be healthy. Ideally, teens should be exposed to a level of outdoor activity periodically to help them stay active and keep their brains sharp.

There are lots of fun things for teens to do near me. One of them is to take the teens to theme parks. Even though most teens will love their parks at first, they are often expensive. Asides from that, it’s possible that these teenagers get bored of seeing the same things every time after time. So, what are the fun things to do near me?

The answer is far from those theme parks and tourist traps you are used to. The real fun around you in those places you have not imagined before. If you are in for some fun with your teens, the following are some fun things for teens to do near me.

Airboat Tour

When you hear airboats, you must think of something that looks like a boat and fly across the skies. Or maybe you imagined an airplane that works on water. Well, the airboat is nothing like those two descriptions.

airboat riding with teenagers

Airboats are flat-bottomed watercraft driven by an aviation-type propeller and powered by either an aircraft or a car engine. Their propellers give them the names plane boat and fan boat. The beautiful part about these boats is that they do not work like regular boats.

They have propellers attached behind the boat, producing air that pushes it forward. The propellers are powerful enough to generate air to push these boats forward, even in areas where other boats would get stuck. As a result, these boats are called swamp boats as they allow people to explore swamp areas where other boats dare not enter.

These boats are large enough to take as many people as possible and are safe enough for fishing, hunting, and ecotourism. If any of these activities sounds like one of the fun things to do near me for teens for you, get on an airboat tour now and start your exploration.

Airboat tours are not free. But then, you will be shocked to see they are way cheaper than spending your day in theme parks. Besides, they offer you good value for your money since they offer just the same deal of fun as theme parks and tourist parks.    

ATV Rentals

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) go by different names. Some call them quad bikes since they have four wheels. You may also hear people call them light utility vehicles or quad. But all those names do not show the fun these bikes have in store for you, like the name All-Terrain Vehicle.

teenagers riding atv rentals

These bikes with four wheels were not designed to walk tarred and smooth roads. They were designed for the daring amongst us. These bikes are for the fun lovers that are willing to push the limits of fun and redefine the definition of fun. If this describes your teen, this should be on your list of fun things for teens to do near me. Asides from the fun and thrill, ATV riding might be an excellent way to teach your kids safety and responsibility.

Take your teens out to off-road locations and have them have the time of their life riding and sightseeing. ATVs are completely safe since your teens will be wearing safety gear as they ride and have fun. The riding takes place in off-road areas with no cars or other riders. It’s just you and your children having the fun of your lives.

As teens, your children may be just old enough to have their bikes if you want them to have one. The atv rental may ask you to sign some forms to accept responsibility for their safety. However, please note that your teens may not be able to carry passengers with their bikes just yet.

Party Boat Rentals

Everyone loves parties, whether they are children, teens, or adults. It’s a time to relax and have fun with those that matter to you. This is why we have this on our list of things to do near me for teens.

adults and teens celebrating on a party boat cruise

Taking parties to the water is going to impress your teens. Is your child’s birthday around the corner? Or did they do so well in a recent exam, and you think it’s worth celebrating? Or maybe you want to celebrate something personally, and you want it to be fun for everyone, including your teens; well, partying on the water will be an amazing idea.

Simply rent a party boat, and you can have all the fun you want. Your teen will like the idea since it is something different. You can also invite their friends from school and have them discuss the fun in school. This will boost your child’s ego in school and give them some fun memories to hold on to for life.

Pontoon boats are good for parties since they can accommodate many people. Thanks to the floating pontoons, these boats are very stable on the water. However, if you want some more luxury, you can rent yachts. Yachts have enough space for your friends, depending on their size.     

Fishing Boat Rentals

Fishing is one of those outdoor fun things to do near me for teens. Fishing allows you to share enough time with your teens outdoor with rewards. Most people do not know, but fishing is actually one of the best activities you can engage your teens in.

fishing things to do with teens

Fishing is a sport that transcends gender, culture, and economics. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from; once you’re on the dock, boat, or riverbank, it’s all about the catch. When you view your catch, you feel ecstatic and proud. For some, it’s all about getting the largest fish, while for others, it’s all about quantity. Whatever your inclination, fishing is a timeless sport.

Beyond the feeling, fishing is an excellent activity to bond with your teens. It is one of the activities that help you teach them perseverance, confidence, and independence and also helps them appreciate nature better.

The good part of fishing  is that you can use almost any watercraft but if you don’t have you, you can rent a fishing boat near me. Otherwise, most people use pontoon boat rentals. But then, you can use anything you want. You could even use yachts if you want a luxury fishing experience. Speak with your fishing boat rental to see your options.  

Iguana Hunting Excursions

Iguanas are giant lizards that are becoming invasive species in some parts of America. These animals reproduce in numbers and make life difficult for residents in many parts of the country. If you have guns, this might be one of the fun things for teens to do near me for you.

iguana tours with teens

Who does not like shooting? Teens would love to have this activity with you. Running around, seeking targets and shooting them down. It would definitely be something to always remember for your kids.

Relax; you are not doing anything wrong. Florida Iguana hunting is an activity that is government certified in Florida. Asides from the fact that it is government certified, killing these animals is a way of helping the environment get better, more like your contribution to environmental protection.

Beyond ethics, iguana hunting can be a time to teach your kids responsibility. They also learn about the environment, ecosystems, and how the preservation of species work. If you want, you can also eat the iguanas. They taste like chickens, and so people call them chickens of trees.

The meat is rich in proteins, and it is lean meat. So asides from the rich taste, you are also eating a nutritious and sumptuous meal.

Criagcat rentals

If you are looking for a one-on-one time out with your kids, Craigcats might be perfect for you. These boats have redefined the meaning of comfortability on water. Also, they offer you a good amount of speed while on water which should excite your kids.

fishing with teens from a craigcat boat

If you have a teen interested in fishing, swimming, or snorkeling, this should be one of those fun things to do near me for teens like them. The stability of these boats on the water makes them suitable for almost all types of water activity.

So, if this sounds like something your teens will like, do not hesitate to give them the time of their lives. Get yourself a cat boat tour right now and start having fun.

Jet Ski Rentals

Everyone who has seen a jet ski before would agree they are fun. You don’t have to ride one to know these—it’s general knowledge.

teen riding jet ski rental

Jet Skis are like motorcycles; the only difference is that you have to ride these motorbikes on water. Since you are riding them on water, the fear of getting hurt is out of the question. All you need is to get your teens the right protective gear, and you are ready for some outdoor water action.

If you have children that love gaming, chances are they have taken rides on jet skis in their games. So, it would be a lovely experience bringing them outdoor to practice what they have done already in their games and grab a jet ski for rent.    

Kayak guided tours

Kayaks are small narrow boats driven by a double-bladed paddle. This is not just a regular fun activity for your teens; it also doubles as an exercise. While Kayaking, your kids will learn coordination and build their muscles.

teenager kayaking group tours

The beautiful thing about Kayaks is that there is never a shortage of places to go with them in Central Florida. Plus, most rentals offer guided tours that can teach your teens to paddle and show you amazing sites.

For example, Wekiva river kayaking is one of those fun things for teens to do near me and can also be an exciting time to learn about nature and the environment.  

Checkout more kayak rentals near me.

Paddleboard Rentals

Paddleboards are one of the most popular ways to enjoy your outdoor experience in central Florida, and there is a reason for that. This fun outdoor activity also counts as a sporting activity that you can enjoy with your teens irrespective of their age.

teenager on paddleboard rental

The activity is a bit similar to surfboarding, but it is a bit different. The big difference lies in the type of boards they use for both activities. Paddleboards are designed to glide over waves and are best used in calmer waters. Surfboards are made to surf waves and need more agility.

Also, paddleboards are wider, more stable, and versatile than surfboards. This is why some people might tell you that a paddle board may be used for surfing. One thing than makes paddleboarding a great activity for teens is that anyone can enjoy the activity.

It’s one of those fun things for teens to do near me that requires no experience. More so, you don’t have to pay so much to enjoy the activity. Simply rent a paddleboard Orlando, and you can take your teen out on the wave for a time of fun.   

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Pontoon boats are like the SUVs of the water. First, they are very spacious as they can take between 8 and 12 people depending on their size. So, whatever you want to do with them, you can bring as many people as possible.

pontoon boat rentals for teens

Asides from that, these boats are very versatile. You can use them for almost all kinds of water activities, and you won’t go wrong. You can use them for fishing, excursion trips, dinners, etc. Whatever activity you have on the water, these boats are there to take you.

When it comes to safety, pontoon boats have got you. They have large tubes that help them stay steady afloat while you have fun on the water. With all these features, pontoon boat rentals fit the bill for anyone seeking fun things for teens to do near me.

Pick up your children and their friends for some party. Or you could take the kids to see some wonderful sights around the waters; you can go with your pontoon boat rentals. The good part is that pontoon boats are not so expensive. You can rent a pontoon boat for a half or full day depending on how much fun you wish to have!

Slingshot rentals

If your teen is a fan of fancy automobiles, slingshots should impress them. Slingshots are not regular cars. You would think they are cars from the front because they have two wheels. However, when you check them from the rear, you will see just a single wheel.

You may ask, are these safe enough? Yes, absolutely! These automobiles are designed to carry two passengers. So, you and your kids can sit in it for some quality fun time on the road. Your teen can also drive in it since the slingshots do not require a license for their drivers.

This is one of those unique things for teens to do near me since it is not a watersport. This is probably for those teens that love adventures and racing video games. If you have a child that loves DC comics and batman movies, this might also excite them because the slingshot looks so much like the batmobile from batman.      

Swim with Manatee Experiences

Manatees have been here for quite a while, yet only a few people have seen these mystical yet delightful creatures. Also called sea cows, these large creatures can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. But don’t let the size of these beasts fool you; they are just as friendly as dolphins and as docile as the Koala bears. These herbivores swim gently at about 16 MPH in Crystal River in Florida.

manatee swimming things to do with teens

They are pleasant, friendly, and curious, and they will never hurt a thing. You need to be careful around them as they are extinct creatures and humans are their main threat. But then, that shouldn’t stop you from moving a little close to these creatures with your kids.

This should definitely be on your list of things for teens to do near me if you have a teen who loves nature and swimming. The water in Crystal River manatee swim is great because it stays warm all year long, so your teens will love it there. 

When you get to the water, there are conservation biologists on the ground to tell you about the amazing features of these beasts. Also, they will tell you a few rules to help you keep the manatees safe and not injure them. Please try your best to keep to these rules.

Biking tours

There is a range of biking tours that take people around to see beautiful sights in Central Florida. Like most activities on this list, this doubles as a fun activity and an exercise. You can take your children biking with many others like you.

teen group bicycling activities

Your children get to see the world from a new perspective while meeting new people and making new friends. If your kids love biking, consider adding this one to your list of things to do near me for teens. 

Things for Teens to do Near Me

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