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105+ Top Things to do in Orlando Florida

things to do in orlando florida

If you are looking for things to do in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas, other than theme parks, tourist traps, and other attractions that are built to squeeze every penny out of your pocket book; you shouldn’t miss these jaw dropping, nature inspired experiences right around the corner from you.

Truth be told, almost every visitor who has had to drag their children through the ten mile walks around the theme parks for hours upon hours, after stopping at every gift shop seeking air condition, and easting twenty dollar fast food style burgers, knows that they need a vacation from vacation.

When they do, and the have a last day or two in Florida, they cotme calling looking for things to do in Orlando florida with kids other than theme parks to have real fun, and authentic experiences. So we’ve put together a list of over 105+ different experiences and other things to do in Orlando Florida that wont cost you a fortune, but will leave you with some of the best memories and photos you and your kids, friends, or fiancé will never forget.

Enjoy this Updated, well-researched List of Rentable Things to do in Orlando Florida Besides Theme Parks

This list is in no particular order, and in fact has been written in a random sequence so you can get a full variety of experiences that exist. So lets jump in.

Kayak Rentals Orlando

Kayaking is one of those experiences that are super cheap to do, fun, different, but one of the easiest ways to enjoy the pure serenity of nature protected in a floating self-propelled craft that is very easy to use.

ATV Rent & Ride – Self Guided – Can Am Outlander Max 450 2up

ATV renting is super popular in Orlando and Central Florida, grab a friend, wife, or kids, and hop onto this two-seater atv and ride around at your own pace through a twenty six hundred acre state park that is marked with trails and tons of things to see. Especially if you are looking to find the top atv rentals near me. I promise, you will love it. We have a wonderful guide to the croom ATV Park here.

kids things to do in orlando florida

Kids ATV Rent & Ride – 5 and up – Can Am DS 90

When looking for things to do in Orlando Florida with kids, we have four wheelers for kids as young as five years old that can ride along side mom or dad on their own ATV. We have a wonderful guide to the croom ATV Park here. Yes we provide the training, and no experience is required. The ATV’s for kids are automatic, and very easy to use.

ATV Rent & Ride – Self Guided – Arctic Cat Tracker 300

For those adults wish to hop on something a little bigger, the arctic cat tracker 300 is always a fun one. Checkout this guide to the Croom ATV park. These four wheelers are known for their stability and strength, and is a solid ride through any terrain.

ATV Rent & Ride – Self Guided – Can Am DS 250 ATV Rental

Grab a CanAm 250 ATV rental for the average adult that has enough power to thrill you, but not enough power to get you into too much trouble easy to use, its automatic, and is perfect for sporting around the trails of the central florida state parks along with your family and friends and is the perfect things to do in Orlando Florida. It is typically one of the most affordable as well!

2020 Bass Boat Rental

If you are more into fishing, this bass boat is perfect fit for you. Equipped with a trolling motor, high seats, and flats style boat, this watercraft will get you into the small nooks and crannies of the Harris Chain of Lakes to enable you to catch the some of the best catch around. This is a fantastic solution if you are looking for things to do in Orlando Florida. Seats 3, so bring a few friends for this memorable ride.

Jet Ski Orlando Rentals

Another great activity that is simple, affordable and very popular is the Jet Ski Rental. Its perfect when looking for things to do in Orlando Florida. All you need is, well nothing! We supply everything. Just make a reservation, come to the marina, and we will have everything fueled up, and sized life jackets for you. We will show you how to operate it, and suggest where to go. Against popular opinion, you actually wont get wet. These machines are like mini boats, very stable, and very rarely do you get splashed unless you trying hard. So much fun, and they fit up to three people. Check this one out today.

Check out Additional Things to do in Orlando Florida

Private Sunset Charter

Don’t miss the jaw dropping views of the sunset over the lakes, creating amazing silhouettes over the trees and wildlife that is sure to want you to pull your phone. This cruise boat can fit up to sixteen people and comes with its own Captain. Just relax, enjoy the breeze, and some amazing views.

Private Food Boat Tour: Boatin’ Brunch

Do you like brunch? Do you like the water? Grab some friends, host a party, and take the credit for choosing such a unique experience where brunch is served while you are cruising along the beautiful lakes and rivers of Orlando Florida. Comes with a Captain, and even an option for unlimited Mimosas! Works well for a for an Employee Appreciate Day, or Baby Shower Venue!

All Inclusive Picnic on a Food Boat

Looking for a getaway with a party of six or more, you might consider this all inclusive picnic on a boat. Where the boat, fuel, captain, drinks, food, music and fun is all packaged up into one price. Perfect for celebrations of any kind including birthdays, and more. Perfect for Employee Appreciate Day, or Baby Shower Venue too! Corporate events orlando are very popular with this experience as well.

Private Food Boat Charters Orlando

This boat charter is a quick, easy and affordable way to get out on pontoon with a captain, and enjoy the open waters worry-free. Starting at six people with a maximum of sixteen, this private charter will be sure to leave you informed, and well relaxed. Also, perfect for Employee Appreciate Day, or Baby Shower Venue too!

Kayak Rentals Lake Harris Orlando

Quickly rent a Orlando kayak  in minutes, and launch directly out of the Marina on the Harris Chain of Lakes. You can cruise, exercise, fish, or just site see. Either way, it’s a healthy way to get out into nature for a very affordable price.

Bass Boat Rental Lake Harris

Lake Harris is a fantastic place to go for fishing. What’s even better, is being in a smooth, stealthy bass boat so you can get into the best fishing spots available. Rent this bass boat and catch some memories you wont forget.

Lake Harris Pontoon Boats

Even better access to Lake Harris, and the Harris Chain of Lakes which consists of five large lakes all linked together by canals, is by using this crowd favorite, pontoon boat. Equipped with a Bimini top, surround seating, stereo and more, you can get out on the water in luxury and enjoy every minute. Bring the kids, the boat rental near me has rails and gates to make sure no one falls off.

Dolphin & Manatee Tours Cocoa Beach

If you are looking for Florida dolphin and the manatee in the area closest to Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island, these tours take place in the natural setting located in the Indian River Lagoon. Learn more about swimming with Manatees here.

Guided Night Kayak Tours Cocoa Beach

The Indian River Lagoon is home to truly unique and magical natural phenomena. The nighttime waters glow! During the summer months on the Indian and Banana Rivers every movement in the water produces light! The movement of your paddle or a school of fish leaves a blue-green trail. You’ve got to see this.

Kayak Rentals Cocoa Beach

These are one hrs rentals to full day rentals. Launch from Manatee Cove Park. Prepare to see many wildlife (dolphins, manatees, Osprey, Blue Heron Egrets, Tri-colored Heron, Snowy Egrets, White Ibis, and Pelicans in clear, shallow waters in the Indian River. Or if you like the Wekiva River, dont miss 9 remarkable ways to enjoy the Wekiva River kayaking.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Cocoa Beach

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP is the latest craze in the kayaking and paddleboard community, that gives you the ability to stand on a paddleboard which helps you proactive on your balance, while also getting a much better view into the water, and exercising too.

20′ Sylvan Pontoon Boat Rental Sanford

This pontoon Boat Rental Orlando Fits up to 9 Passengers, Located in Sanford, FL and has access to Many Restaurants & Scenery. If it helps, we have put together this list of 5 simplified rental boat tips for beginners if it applies. It comes with a Honda 90-Horsepower Engine, and the price includes portable charging area and on-board Cooler for the freshest ride. Everyone knows that boating rentals near me for an exciting vacation in Florida.

Guided Iguana-Hunting Safari

This is an invasive species if Florida, these nasty lizards are causing a major impact on our Eco system. People always ask “Can You Eat Iguana” absolutely, soon we will soon be releasing our “Cooked Iguana” cook book that is produced by one of our team members, “Big Daddy Chuck”. Checkout this article we wrote on Florida Iguana hunting here.

Airboat-Tour Homosassa

Join Captain Bryan on his back water air boat adventure. This is not the everglades tourist boat ride, But a high speed adventure venturing out to the sawgrasses of citrus county Florida.

Marvelous Manatee Tour (3-Hr)

Most Popular Tour. We will take you to the best location based on the previous days Manatee Adventures.  Low-Risk (The Florida Manatee is the most enduring Animal in the state of Florida”) Captain/Manatee Instructor included. 2 person min  – (6 max per boat. 2 years old & up. Includes wet suit, mask and snorkel.

Large Pontoon Boat (Up to 12 people)

Fit up to twelve people on this large pontoon boat. Looking for a boat rental near me? They call this the limo, of the pontoon boats, complete with a luxury sounds system, and cushion seats you just want to fall into. Rent this for a day a make some memories you wont forget.

CraigCat Catamaran Rental (2 Persons)

On this fun, sporty little watercraft, all Fuel is Include. Its quick, roomy and exceptionally well-built, the CraigCat® catamaran boats delivers a rare blend of sport boat performance and the genuine comfort of a runabout that appeal to both novice and seasoned boaters alike.

Orlando Boat Rental

One of the most popular pontoon boat rentals in all of Orlando. Rented directly at a marina on the Harris Chain of Lakes just thirty to forty five minutes from Orlando, you can bring your friends and family, and coolers and enjoy plenty to see, lots of fun to enjoy.

Orlando Jet Ski Rental

Get out on the waters with speed and excitement on these Orlando Jet Ski rentals where thousands of people come out each year to enjoy a ride. They fit up to two people included in the price, and can be rented for any quantity of hours of your choosing.

Exotic Gator Hunting

To say the least, there is a few places you can go on Exotic Hunt and experience the wonders of nature. And narrowing down the perfect place might seem like a challenge.  We don’t just offer you prepackaged tours with itineraries filled with stuff you don’t want to do. Instead, you get a Exotic Hunt and wildlife tour created around what you want to do and see.

Want to see more things to do in Orlando Florida and beyond? Keep Reading!

ATV Rent & Ride – Self Guided – Arctic Cat Alterra 400

Try out this Arctic Cat and its powerful single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with Engine Braking System (EBS). Its combined with an automatic transmission delivers an ending force of fun. You can check out the ATV Trails Near Me using this guide. It also comes with an electronic-selectable 2 or 4-wheel drive just in case. Try out this one in a track near Orlando today.

ATV Rent & Ride – Self Guided – Arctic Cat Alterra 300

Check out the Arctic Cat Alterra 300 for a slightly smaller engine, and a slightly better price, but so much fun that you cant tell the difference. Rent and ride is what we refer to when you can just show up with your reservation, and we will handle the rest.

ATV Rent & Ride – Self Guided – Kawasaki Brute Force 300 (white)

Powered by the famous Kawaski brand, this Brute Force 300 was created to get through rough terrain, and when you ride it  you will see why. Its solid, relentless nature of power will excite every minute of your rental adventure. Learn more about and search for the ATV Trails Near Me.

ATV Rent & Ride – Self Guided – Arctic Cat Tracker 300

Grab the tracker when you want to cruise along the trails with a machine that can take you anywhere. This atv rental is sure to bring you the fun, the amazement, and the memories you are looking for. To keep you safe, check out these 6 proven safety tips for your first ATV ride

Pontoon Sunset Cruise- Lovers Cruise

 Grab your significant other to enjoy this curated experience on what we refer to at the Lovers Cruise. We will make sure your intimate adventure includes all the romantic scenery, songs, and accouchements that helps to build a stronger bond.

Beginner Dirtbike Training Class

So many young adults these days desire the thrilling ride of a dirtbike, but they don’t know where to start. Rent this beginner dirtbike training session and get all the basics taught to you, while on your own fitted dirtbike on a protected private mini track by a professional.

Magnificent Private Manatee Tour (3-Hr)

Desiring the need to connect with nature? Swimming with manatees on this private manatee tour for three hours allows you to secure one of the tour boats with the people that only you select, to enjoy this experience with. Rent yours today for a fabulous siting you will never forget.

Manatee Mania Tour (4-Hr)

Looking for a longer time with these beautiful sea-cow creatures? If you are looking to swim with the manatees, try our four hour excursion where a tour guide will help you along the entire way.

things to do in the water in orlando

Snorkel Gear Rental Siesta Key

This is a quick and easy to way grab the right equipment so you don’t have to be burdened with the heavy equipment of snorkel and tanks on your vacation trip. We make it simple, fun, and easy to rent.

Boogie and Skim Board Rental Siesta Key

Sometimes a vacation just isn’t complete with a skim board beach day. Grab a couple of these and watch the kids be entertained all day.

Clear Bottom Paddleboard Rental Siesta Key

Check out the view of these waters through a clear bottom paddleboard like you’ve never seen before. Its like your own window into the ecosystem of these open waters, you get the front row seat.

Paddle boards are a great solution to find affordable things to do in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas.

Paddleboard Rental Siesta Key

Needing to peace, and quiet? This paddleboard rental will surely leave you feeling so humble on this tiny craft in these huge open waters that you will come back with a totally different perspective on life.

Clear Bottom Kayak Rental Siesta Key

Check out the view of these waters through a clear bottom kayak like you’ve never seen before. Its like your own window into the ecosystem of these open waters, you get the front row seat.

Double Kayak Rental Siesta Key

Don’t go kayaking alone, you can rent this double kayak and fit in a little helper, or even an adult sized helper. Whoever you choose, wil surely enjoy a comforting experience with a partner while you paddle your way through siest key.

Single Kayak Rental Siesta Key

Just what you need to feel the freedom and the liberty, is a single kayak rental. Get these at the best prices and enjoy new equipment that you can rely on.

Scooter Car Rental Siesta Key

If you haven’t tried the scooter car rental in Siesta Key yet, you’re really missing out. This cool, fun little get-a-round will be sure to have you smiling from ear to ear as you check out the island.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental Ponce Inlet

The Ponce Inlet just isn’t the same when you are looking from the shore. Grab a SUP to get a real glimpse of the beautiful shorelines and scenery.

Double Kayak Rental Ponce Inlet

Bring a friend on a double kayak for the true companionship to enjoy these unforgettable views.

Ponce Inlet Single Kayak Rental

You can even rent our kayak rentals if they make you feel more safe, so you can cruise along by yourself, or even with others to enjoy this experience.

29′ Private Charter Ponce Inlet

Take it is easy you cruise through the Ponce Inlet on a boat rental near me that is captained, and very well informed of the area. Sit back and enjoy the views by renting this amazing experience.

Parker Private Charter Ponce Inlet

Come spend the day on our center console 21 foot, 6 passenger boat for the best boat trip near Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, Florida. If you are planning a honeymoon in Florida this could be part of that list!

Ponce Inlet Backwater Fishing Charter

Come see us for the best 4-hour Guided Fishing Trips on the intracoastal waterways, near Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. No need to worry about sea sickness aboard our flat bottom, canvas shaded, 10 passenger, 24′ boat. Rod, Reel, Bait, Tackle & Fishing License are included. Here are 7 expert tips on renting a boat.

Ponce Inlet Dolphin and Manatee Eco Tour

Cruise the intracoastal waterways between Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, Florida on our dolphin and manatee eco boat tour searching for: Dolphins, Sting Rays, Shore Birds, Sea Turtles, Manatees. Checkout these 17 Things to Know when Swimming with Manatees.

21 Foot Pontoon Rental Crystal River

Explore Crystal River when you want to rent a pontoon boat (7 passenger) the Bentley. This area of the Nature Coast has plenty of prospects. If fishing is your style then it doesn’t get any better than this. Saltwater species easily targeted include snook, redfish, speckled trout, grouper, snapper, tarpon.

In preparation, check out these 4 practical tips for boating with Non-Swimmers if it applies..

King’s Bay Sunset Kayak Tour

The sunset Kayak is our 2 hour  tour of Kings Bay. We’ll kayak through the bay looking for wildlife while our  licensed guides will points out the highlights of the area.

Crystal River Sunset Tour

The sunset tour is our 1.75 hour tour of Kings Bay. We’ll take a guided tour through the bay looking for wildlife while our licensed Captains will points out the highlights of the area. While searching for things to do in Orlando Florida, this may be something you want to experience despite it being a little bit of a drive from Orlando.

Basic Scuba Rental Port Orange

Rent or Buy all of your scuba/snorkeling equipment. Expert insider information about our local springs is available, with our compliments.

Full Scuba Rental Port Orange

Try a scuba adventure without having to travel with them. Rent or Buy all of your scuba/snorkeling equipment. Expert insider information about our local springs is available, with our compliments.

Guided Nature Tour Thonotosassa

Exploring the domain of the Timucuans…This 4 1/2 mile, downstream paddling trip through the Wilderness Park (a 16,000-acre preserve) takes approximately three hours.

Private Guided Nature Tour Thonotosassa

Nature’s education is priceless…This is a great venue for individuals or groups who want a special experience. Our knowledgeable guide will paddle along with you while pointing out Florida’s native flora and fauna and discussing some of the history and importance of the Hillsborough River.

Tandem Canoe Hourly Rental Thonotosassa

Rent this tandem canoe to escape to nature on a 2-hour to full day, downstream, quiet-water, paddling adventure through a 16,000-acre wildlife preserve.

One of our personal favorites are the Tandem Kayaking when we are looking for things to do in Orlando Florida

Tandem Kayak Hourly Rental Thonotosassa

Rent this tandem kayak to escape to nature on a 2-hour to full day, downstream, quiet-water, paddling adventure through a 16,000-acre wildlife preserve. This is a great excursion if you are considering a honeymoon in Florida.

Cocoa Beach Kayak Tour

Take a kayak tour in Coca Beach that includes all gear including your kayak, paddle, and life jacket. We also provide bottled water, SPF 50 anti-aging sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, hats, towels, and bug spray.

Semi-private Manatee Snorkeling Tour

Swim with manatees in Crystal River Florida. Manatee snorkeling swims are a great affordable family adventure with out the crowd.

Crystal River Stand up Paddleboard Rental

We are the ONLY outfitter located on a canal 8-10 minutes from the Three Sisters Springs. Our customers do not have to go through any wind and chop on Kings Bay to get to the Three Sisters Spring

Crystal River Kayak Rental

Try out this Crystal River kayak rental where you can rent mask/snorkel sets and wetsuits (required if swimming during Manatee Season) from us if needed.

Sarasota Jet Ski Dolphin Tour

If you’re looking for a fun way to see these graceful aquatic mammals, check out this Jet Ski Tours & Rentals that offers dolphin tours on jet ski rentals in Sarasota and beyond. This is a perfect answer when looking for jet ski for rent near me. Those who love jet ski rides typically enjoy this article too Unbelievable Facts About Ski Jet Rental.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental Sarasota

You can also see these beautiful wonders using a stand up paddle board in Sarasota and beyond.

18′ Deck Boat Rental Sarasota

Check out this experience that has been in the watercraft rental business since 1993, which makes it a priority to cater to the individual needs of its customers. As such, in 2013 we added the experience to rent boat to our fleet in Osprey.

20′ Beachcat Pontoon Boat Rental Sarasota

Looking for a fun activity for your family vacation in Florida? Reserving a boat rental in Sarasota is a great option when the sparkling water beckons.

Englewood Kayak Rentals

Florida was made for kayaking. Because there are so many bays, inlets, and islands between Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, the possibilities for adventures are endless.

Wimauma Canoe Rental and River Tour

We welcome all paddlers from the solo canoe to groups of up to 100. Boat owners needing a simple shuttle service to corporate events needing full service and catering. While searching for things to do in Orlando Florida, this experience isnt all that far away, but well worth the small trip.

Wimauma Kayak Rental and River Tour

We welcome all paddlers from the solo canoe to groups of up to 100. Boat owners needing a simple shuttle service to corporate events needing full service and catering.

Sunset Kayak Tour Tierra Verde

Try something new; experience a sunset on the water. This adventure is the perfect end to a Florida day.

Kayak Nature Tour Tierra Verde

Rent this nature kayak tour in Tierra Verde and you also get time to explore Shell Key, whether that means shelling, swimming, snorkeling, or simply enjoying the view.

Finding things to do in Orlando Florida can be overwhelming, but if you haven’t tried the twilight kayaking, its a must!

Twilight Kayak ​Tours St. Petersburg

Join us for this 1.5 to 2 hour twilight kayak tour, through the protected waters of Little McPherson and McPherson Bayou that is located just behind Pass-A-Grille and St Pete Beach.

Sunset Kayak Tour St. Petersburg

We are a small owner operated business and we believe in providing our guests with quality equipment and guides with professional experience.

Shell Key Preserve Kayak Tour St. Petersburg

Our guided kayak tours of the Shell Key Preserve are approximately 3 hours and a great way to explore our coastal environment and spend time on Shell Island.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental St. Petersburg

Even if you have never stood on a board before, stop by the shop and our well-informed staff will find the perfect fit for both your needs and your budget.

Tandem Kayak Rental St. Petersburg

Whether you have paddled for 20 years, or have never set foot in the water, we can direct you to the next kayak of your fancy. Thinking about honeymoon in Florida, dont miss this tandem kayak rental.

Tarpon Springs Boating Adventure Clearwater

Enjoy this boating adventure in Clearwater to enjoy the nest of the coastal views from the waters of Clearwater.

Two JetSki’s Package with Tour Route

Grab a friend and with this package, you get two discounted jetski’s for 3 hours, with a guided route to have all the fun you would like on the Harris Chain of Lakes.

Pontoon Tours Kings Bay Tour

On this pontoon tour of Kings Bay, you would depart from our dock and navigate out among the wildlife that inhabits our beautiful bay area. Cool fall temperatures bring in over 836 manatees to the bay for the winter. Just take precaution by reading these 10 unforgettable safety precautions in rough water boating.

Manatee Swim Safari Kings Bay ECO Tour

This tour takes in the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge.  We provide 5mm wet suits to keep you warm & comfortable, mask, snorkel and floating devices to help you swim with the West Indian Manatee, while respecting the animal, observing local etiquette and complying with all federal & state rules and regulations. 

Diving Tour Devil’s Den

Devil’s Den is a subterranean spring, approximately 50 minutes drive from our dive center.  This spectacular dive is sure to impress even the most seasoned diver.

Diving Tour Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a clear spring that bubbles to the open air surface. The cavern entry has a training platform that is ideal for SCUBA training and refresher dives.

The Chassahowitzka “The Crack” Tour

We leave the “Chaz” kayak launch and paddle down river to Baird Creek which leads to the Crack. Along the way you may see bottle nose dolphin feeding or a manatee in a small side creek.

Bennett’s Creek Paddling Tour

Check out this paddline tour, west of Yankeetown the Withlacoochee River empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Roughly three miles above the mouth of the river is a wonderful creek that flows from the river and meanders around to an estuary and out to the Gulf.

Sunset tours are a fan favorite for things to do in Orlando Florida waters.

Sunset Paddling Tour

The evenings are beautiful in Crystal River.  The sunsets over King’s Bay and the Gulf of Mexico are picture perfect. Experience paddling by the light of the moon in a canoe, kayak or SUP.

Kings Bay Paddling Tour

Our kayak tours will give you a chance to witness Florida in all its native beauty.   Bring your camera because with our guided kayak tours you’ll get a chance to see wildlife such as ospreys, bald eagles, manatees, Florida alligator, wild hogs, otters.

19′ Hurricane Deck Boat Bowrider

Take a cruise in this Blue bimini top 150HP,  2-8 Adults. Ideal For Couples and Smaller Groups w/Large Bimini Top, Comfortable Seating, Great For Wildlife Viewing, Swimming at The Sand Bar, Eating at The Restaurants, Picnics at The Beach. And if you like boating, you might find this article interesting: 10 Unexpected Ways Boats For Rent Can Make Your Life Better.

Kayak Tandem Rental

 Enjoy the tranquility and seclusion on the water.  Observe birds, dolphins and manatees while exploring Robinson Preserve.

Single Kayak Rental Holmes Beach

A natural habitat with a wide variety of wildlife, located in Northwest Bradenton.  Enjoy this experience either by yourself, with a partner, or friends, as it is simply fun to do.

Stand-up-Paddles Rental

 Be a stand-up paddler!  The newest, coolest water sport hitting the beach.  Perfect for all ages, jump in the ocean and you can embark on a journey of leisure, racing or surfing.

1-Hr Sunset Cruise – Mt Dora

A 1-hour Narrated tour of Lake Dora and Lake Beauclair. Departing 45 minutes before sunset, we will cruise the shoreline of Lake Dora and Lake Beauclair and the small canal that joins them.

Sunset Cruise Pontoon Boat

Don’t miss this sunset cruise boat during the limited time during June & July months. It fit up to 10 people and cruises from 6pm to 9pm. Book Now to Hold your Spot.

2014 Hurricane Deck Boats 19′

Boat and Jet Ski Rental is an outstanding water adventure company in the St Pete Beach area that offers an incredible array of water activities. Go for a sunset cruise, host a party, take a tour of the islands, or try various water-sports.

Keep in mind the 21 tips on how to find the right boating rental company.

Single Kayak Rental

All the Boats, Paddles, Life Jackets, and a shuttle to and from one of the locations are included. Come see Orlando from a totally different view than you’ve ever seen before.

Jet Ski Merritt Island

This jet ski is the only Rental Location ON the Water in Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach Ocean and River Rentals. Check out this article about why is everyone talking about rent jetski.

Hand Gliding Tandem

During a Tandem Discovery Flight you will feel confident and relaxed with the wind in your face and your well trained instructor by your side. You will enjoy the bird’s eye view of Wallaby Ranch as you are being towed 2,000 feet into the air.

Tandem Kayak (2 hrs)

For this tandem kayak rental, the cost includes all Paddling Equipment Included in Rental. Including Life Jackets and Dry Bags. Paddle at your leisure – Rentals Only – No guides provided.

Single Kayak Rental (2 hrs)

For this single kayak rental, the cost includes all Paddling Equipment Included in Rental. Including Life Jackets and Dry Bags. Paddle at your leisure – Rentals Only – No guides provide

Island Beach Tour Boat Rental (6 People 4 Hrs)

Depart from St. Petersburg with Captain Hunt, aboard the Sea Hunt and enjoy all the splendor of the Tampa Bay area Islands and Beautiful Sandy Beaches. While this is a small drive away from things to do in Orlando Florida, it will be well worth it. Starting at Maximo Marina, Fort Desoto boat ramp, Treasure Island or St. Pete Beach.

Jet Ski (1 Hr)

Our Jet Skis have anchors to allow you to get off and swim, enjoy the beautiful marine life, for jet ski fishing, or take pictures to remember your special day. If you are about to rent jet ski near me, check out these safety tips. Also, view this guide that helps you find other jet ski for rent.

Golf Cart Rentals (1 Hour)

Rent a 4 Person Golf Cart for 1 Hour and cruise around town worry free. Lots of fun, easy access to restaurants, beaches and more.

Jet Ski (1 Hour)

Most Jet Ski rental companies restrict where you are able to ride and put a limit on the amount of fun you are able to have. There are some limits for jet ski for beginners one should take note of, in addition to the jet ski age limit. We allow you to ride wherever you would like within your rental time to enjoy Tampa Bay how you want.

Jetpacking is one of those super thrilling things to do in Orlando Florida

Jetpack Rentals (Half Hour)

One of only 12 water Jetpacks of it’s kind in the USA. Come fly with us, and enjoy something unique. This once in a lifetime experience is one of the best feeling to fly through the air and soar over the water. Come fly like a super hero with us today.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Enjoy a beginner SUP lesson, a SUP tour of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, and purchasing a used SUP board.

Summary of Things to do in Orlando Florida

Well hopefilly you were able to find something that sparks your interest in this very comprehensive list of things to do in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas. If not, you can check out an extension of things to do near me this weekend. From kayaking, jet skiing, atv riding, to hand gliding; this list of over 105 things to do in Orlando and surrounding areas has been hand picked to serve you best. Hope that you have enjoyed this reading, and have found something that inspires your interest.

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