10 Amazing Experiences on a Tavares Boat Rental

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Don’t miss these Experiences on a Tavares Boat Rental

If you are considering a Tavares boat rental experience, we hope this short article helps convince you that it won’t be something you’ll regret. Each time our family has rented one, it’s something we always end with saying “…we’ve GOT to do this again!”.

According to Tavares Website: Tavares (pronounced Ta-Varies) is a 14,000-person town located 35 miles northwest of Orlando. It is one of the three apexes of Florida’s “Golden Triangle,” along with Eustis and Mount Dora.

Tavares is the county seat of Lake County, Florida, and was founded in 1880 by railroad and newspaper executive Alexander St. Clair Abrams. Abrams, at the time, named the city after one of his Portuguese ancestors.

Abrams planned to develop the town as a tourist destination at first but later decided that its location would result in it becoming a great industrial and railroad center, as well as Florida’s capital.

If you are planning a trip to Florida, you should consider the small, vibrant Travares town that combines the best of nature with unforgettable fun. From weekend getaways to week-long vacations, this small town is jam-packed with one-of-a-kind experiences that will have you planning your next trip in no time.

In this article, we describe 10 of the best of these experiences on a Tavares boat rental.

1. Enjoy the beautiful Dora Canal from your boat rental Tavares

One of the most beautiful miles of waterway in the world is in Tavares. It connects Lakes Dora and Eustis right here in Real Florida. With a length of just over a mile, this pristine spring-fed waterway of the Dora Canal is ideal for kayakers and boaters alike to see a variety of bird species as well as aquatic animals such as fish and turtles. Launch your boat rentals Tavares, FL, on either Lake Dora or Lake Eustis public ramps, and move to the canal. However, ensure you slow down as you enter the canal to avoid missing anything. Are you looking for a little more excitement? Rent a two-person cat boat rental Tavares and explore the canals and lakes with your special someone. It is an experience you will live to talk about.

2. Explore the Lake Dora with your pontoon boat rentals Tavares fl

Lake Dora is arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in Real Florida. There, you will see some of the best sunrise and sunset views you’ve ever seen. Make the experience even more memorable by taking a ride on a pontoon boat rentals Tavares, FL. Or you can also get a friendly paddlewheel boat rental Tavares that glides across the lake effortlessly. You can expect the best while onboard, whether you’re looking for a golden hour sunset cruise or something exciting during the daytime hours. Most cruises include live entertainment, and onboard bars on either deck serve concession-style food and drinks. If you and your family enjoy being on the water, this is one of those experiences you cannot miss during your visit to Tavares.

3. Cruise through Tarpon Springs to a dazzling island with your Tavares Boat Rental

Greeks first arrived in Tarpon Springs in 1890 to dive for sponges. The sponges have long since vanished, but the Greek heritage lives on. One of the most amazing things to do from here is to go on a boat tour, which includes several delights. You take a tour of the Anclote River and learn about Tarpon Springs’ history.

You can gaze out at the Gulf waters and spot dolphins. Or, you can get a short stop on Anclote Key, a pristine white-sand barrier island accessible only by boat. Anclote Key is a state park with a lighthouse built-in 1887. These Florida boat tours give visitors a half-hour to enjoy Anclote’s perfect sandy beaches (you’ll wish you could stay longer), but they do not include a visit to the lighthouse. You can get yourself a boat rental Tavares and sail there from Tavares and see what this place has to offer.

4. Experience Dinner on Lake Dora

With your Tavares boat rentals, you will not only see the most beautiful sunsets in Central Florida, but you will also taste some of the best foods. Along the way, you’ll see Boathouse Row and other historic structures along the shoreline. If you get your boat rentals from good companies like Premier Get Wet Sports, you get captains and crew members that will be happy to share the history of Mount Dora as well as some fun facts about Lake Dora with you.

On our sunset dinner cruise, you will see a plethora of wildlife, including Bald Eagles, American Alligators, Ospreys, and numerous species of Herons, Egrets, and other birds.

You will discover how to travel from Central Florida’s Ocklawaha (Harris) Chain of Lakes to Jacksonville’s the Atlantic Ocean. All of this adventure can make you hungry, so your next stop should be at one of Tavares’ many popular restaurants.

Premier Get wet sunset dinner cruise frequently visit restaurants and pubs for entertainment and food. These places have all of the authentic food, libations, and lively musical atmosphere that you could want. During your trip, they will also stop to enjoy the spectacular sunsets that Lake Dora is known for. It’s a photo opportunity you’ll remember for years to come.

5. Explore the Seaplane City from your Tavares Boat Rental

Seaplane in Alaska. Summer season.

Tavares is also known as America’s Seaplane City. This city is home to something truly unique: a seaplane base with tours and excursions to suit every budget. With these tours, you can get paddle excursions, fly-in dinner dates, and even sky bar hopping. They also provide day trips and flights to almost every city in Florida, including Key West, Clearwater, Cedar Key, and others. Whatever your budget, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is only available in Tavares, and it is truly unique. So, get your boat rental Tavares and sail your way to some flying fun.  

6. Private Fishing in the Harris Chain of Lakes

Young father and little girl sitting on pontoon by waterside, resting and talking

You can get a fishing charter boat rental to fish in Tavares from Premier Get Wet Sports. This Harris Chain fishing trip is available in four, six, or eight-hour increments beginning in the morning or afternoon. You never have to worry about choppy seas or seasickness. While out on the water, the Tavares boat rentals from premier get wet sports to have coolers with ice and bottled water on board to keep you hydrated while reeling in fish. There is plenty of room for snacks, lunch, and your favorite beverage. Alcohol in cans is preferred, but all alcohol is permitted. So don’t forget to bring your hat, sunglasses, and camera.

7. Mount Dora Shoreline Boat Rentals 

Step aboard one of Rusty Anchor’s US Coast Guard-approved covered pontoon boats for a one-of-a-kind, one-hour shoreline tour of Lake Dora and Lake Beauclair. As you go, you get to learn about Mount Dora’s rich history and hear the stories of the characters who have called this city home.

Keep your eyes peeled as you enjoy your Tavares boat rental through the lake. You never know what wildlife might be lurking along the shoreline or in the trees. There is so much to see here, including American Alligators, Raccoons, River Otters, Herons, Egrets, Anhingas, Limpkins, and many other native and migratory bird species.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see the beauty of the South. That is, Cypress and Oak Trees with Spanish Moss blowing in the breeze, purple blooms of Pickerel Weed, maroons of Scarlet Hibiscus, and white blooms of Lanceleaf Arrowhead, also known as “Duck Potato” by the locals. Mother Nature has put all of this together, so there is no need to worry.

7. Experience Lunch on the lake Dora

The Dora Canal, located near Orlando, Daytona, The Villages, and Tavares, has been dubbed “the most beautiful mile of waterway globally ” by many tourists. This lunch tour, which changes with the seasons, is a must-see whether you’re a local or visiting.

The lunch cruise on the Dora Canal, which is part of the Ocklawaha (Harris) Chain of Lakes, takes in all of the excitement of the Dora Canal. The Dora Canal links Lake Eustis and Lake Dora. From Native Americans like the Timucua Indians to pioneer adventurers, this river holds a special place in the hearts of many.

The Elfin River, as it was known to early Central Floridians, continues to build on its rich history, and on Rusty Anchor’s Dora Canal lunch tour, you become a part of that history! Bring your camera because this is a magical journey through a mystical land.

8. Explore Lake Eola

Lake Eola Park is located within the city limits of Orlando, Florida. You can walk around the lake without getting lost, thanks to a delightful strolling circle that is just under a mile long. If you want to get out on the water, you can rent swan-shaped paddle boats as well as electric gondola vessels. Maintaining the live winged animals and swans that have homes inside the recreation center allows you to appreciate nature. Enjoy live entertainment at the Disney Amphitheater, delicious food at the Relax Grill, or pack a picnic basket to enjoy along the recreation center’s beautiful bloom beds.

9. Celebrate a party with your Pontoon Boat Rentals Tavares FL

young man in sunglasses sitting on boat out on lake

Are you having a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? Or maybe it’s a  small family gathering for someone’s birthday or your wedding anniversaries or whatever it is you want to Celebrate. Why not have fun and have your party. You can get customized cruises from Premier Get Wet Sports to make your special occasion an unforgettable one.

Ensure you bring coolers with you on the trip to cool your favorite beverages and food.  You can also bring your music although the boats and the captains have lots of music for you.  Trips can include Lake Eustis, The Dora Canal, Lake Dora, and you can stop and take a dip at the Sandbar.

10. Take an Amazing and Memorable Trip to Silver Springs!

The cruise begins in Ocala at Ray’s Wayside Park, and your journey through the crystal-clear Silver River to Silver Springs will begin! Keep your cameras close at hand at all times! Gators, eagles, herons, hawks, egrets, turtles, manatees, and other wildlife abound. Always keep an eye out for groups of Rhesus Macaques Monkeys! The colony was established in Silver Springs around 1938 and has since thrived, making a home along the Silver River. Bring a cooler with you for the day. Bring your lunch, snacks, and beverages because it will likely be a long trip—a trip you will never forget for the rest of your life.

What else can you do in Tavares?

There is undoubtedly more to Tavares than life on the water. Asides from enjoying the experiences on your Tavares boat rentals, you can also take some time to enjoy the environment.

Tavares has plenty of parks for both adults and children. Some worthy mentions include Wooton Park and the Tavares Nature Park. Tavares nature park is located on the western side of Lake Dora and accessible via Highway 19. The park features the best of local plants and animals found in Tavares. Visitors can also use the picnic pavilions and fish off the pier. Lake Idamere Park, nestled on the shaded shores of Lake Idamere, is a great place to spend a quiet day with the kids. There’s a nature trail, picnic pavilions, a fishing pier, and kayak launch, and an accessible playground where kids of all abilities can play together.

Hickory Point Park is another nearby favorite park that you can visit. The park’s grounds include a day-use marina, a long fishing pier, and boat ramps accommodating deep-draft vessels. It also has a swimming beach, a nature trail, picnic areas with grills, open-field play areas, a playground, and a two-story screened pavilion on-site that can be rented for gatherings. The Hickory Point Beach volleyball facility, now the national training site for the USA Volleyball Beach ParaVolley program, is also located in this park.

Final thoughts

There’s plenty of adventure in Tavares, Florida, no matter who you’re traveling with, whether it’s your family, significant other, or furry friend. When you visit some of these beautiful places while in Tavares, you will have fond memories of your trip to Florida. To ensure you have a fun-filled trip, ensure you get yourself a good Tavares boat rental from Premier Get Wet Sports. They have the best boats for anyone going on an adventure in Tavares.  

Tavares Boat Rentals

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